Derech HaTorah of Rochester (DHR) is committed to providing a Torah education for all Jewish children. A seamless fusion of curricula has been developed to educate the whole child. DHR teaches a superior, scholastic curriculum that meets and exceeds New York State Education Department standards.

The intellectual and moral development of every student is maximized in a warm, nurturing learning environment. Each student is viewed as an individual, having multiple capacities, interests and intelligences. Thus, our educational philosophy reflects the wisdom of Proverbs: Chanoch l'naar al pi darko (educate each child according to his nature).


    - Unequivocal commitment to excellence
    - Implement a congruent academic program
    - Assessment of learning through multiple measures of academic achievement
    - Focus on Derech Eretz, including character development, integrity and
       respect for others
    - Motivate students to develop a positive self-image
    - Foster a learning environment that supports ethical and moral conduct
    - Strive to develop intellectually curious, critical thinkers
    - Encourage creativity
    - Enrich our educational product through a variety of creative and
      innovative programs and partnerships

Derech HaTorah of Rochester is located at 71 Maiden Lane Rochester, NY 14616
Address: 125 Kings Highway S. Rochester, NY 14617 Phone: (585) 266-2920 Fax: (585) 486-1089 Web:
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